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Project Management

Mer Telecom is today positioned as a leading player with global experience in telecom infrastructure services delivering turnkey project management to the telecom market. Mer Telecom’s project managers work with cutting-edge technologies providing telecom infrastructure with precise know-how and exceptional capabilities while delivering projects on time and within budget.

The Mer Telecom professionals have a variety of unique Project Management Tools at their fingertips for managing, task coordinating and scheduling Mer’s state-of-the-art software applications and Internet Technologies. This enables precise delivery of information including procedures, logistics, permits, procurement, quality assurance and subcontractor information which is a critical asset when providing telecom infrastructure services.

Mer Telecom simplifies the process of surveying, licensing and construction with convenient software that provides clear reports for receiving an accurate daily display of a project status to work teams and clients. These detailed reports are available online and provide a constant reminder of original plans with budget checks, project execution and status of permits. Malfunction and early warning notifications are available for preventative action to take timely corrective action regarding possible weak network links.

Mer’s team of experienced Project Managers work hand-in-hand with customers to manage a checklist of project milestones that ensures every project is completed exactly on schedule and within budget. A proven track record of superbly coordinated end-to-end Project Management coupled with superior organization and established communication policies make Mer Telecom the perfect partner for Telecom Infrastructure Services.

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